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We are Camper Iceland

One of the oldest Motor Home & 4×4 Camper rental stations in Iceland. A rental station in Switzerland and Motor Home dealerships in both countries.

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Camper Iceland, rental station Iceland

In 1987, we started out as a family business and have remained one ever since. Our first product was founded in Switzerland where our family lived back then. The travel agency was one of a kind because it specializes in selling trips to Iceland. We were known as the Icelandic family in Switzerland that of course knew their country like the back of our hands. The idea to rent campers came to reality in 2001. Ever since the product has changed to meet the newest standards in the industry. We love what we do, and we invite you to become a member of the family.

Camper Iceland, rental station Switzerland

In 2006, we opened a Motor Home & Camper rental station in Switzerland. We offer the same brands as we do in Iceland. Thanks to the fact that we are the dealer for McLouis, Mobilvetta and Elnagh in both countries we know the product really well. Our employees are experienced “campers” and know the products well. We operate a fully equipped garage to meet the highest standards and professional mechanics take care of the fleet.

Visit Iceland

Visit our beautiful country and travel free from the hassle of booking rooms each day or being narrowed down by a schedule. Rather, follow the good weather and stay where you like it the most. 

Airport Transfers:

We do offer a shuttle service bookable on this homepage. The drive is but 5 minutes because we are located next to the airport.


We offer many vehicle categories. Choose from the smallest freedom camper that suites 2 persons or go for a Motor Motor Home with 2 – 6 beds. Our 4×4 categories are suitable for highland driving and can carry 2, 3 or 4 persons depending on the type you choose.

Excellent documentation:

We have the best documentation on the market that help you to plan the trip while still at home. Our instruction videos and support page give you every detail of information to make the experience easy and fun.

We love children:

Children love camping. There is nothing like spending time with the family and traveling around Iceland. You can also save a lot of money by shopping at the supermarkets but should still not miss the great Restaurant experience in Iceland.

Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is like New Zealand packed into a smaller space. Endless mountains, lakes and history wherever you go. Known for the Swiss army knife, clocks and chocolate but has certainly a lot more to offer.